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Clint's chart

It was a sad day in early February, that I heard of Clint's passing. Has it been 30 years since he started on OLTL? Wow! Time flies.....whether you're having fun or not.

Back then I was writing the astrology profile in Soap Opera Digest. I was in contact with him for many years and always enjoyed our exchanges. In 1979, when he was due to come out to California to participate in his favorite Tevis Cup race, I called him to see if he would be interested in appearing on a couple of talk shows......"People are Talking" in San Francisco, and a morning talk show in Stockton.

Clint in Stockton I first met him in San Francisco for the taping of "People Are Talking" with Ross McGowan and Anne Fraser. The office staff was all a twitter that Clint was in the building. (with all my thousands of photos, mainly of my kids, I went right to these photos I took of each event ). Bryna Laub was the soap columnist on the show....she's pictured on the left of Clint. Clint was 40 years old at the time, as I recall it was written then that he really didn't want to go east so set a ridiculously high salary figure.....which they accepted.

Clint in StocktonIn Stockton, as in SF, his publicists were with him; a gal that had been an actress on the show, and her husband. I met them in Stockton, like at 8 am.....well, they were suppose to be there at 8, but they were delayed and the show was filling and getting kind of antsy, when they came thru the door and saved the day in the last 15 minutes. Clint had a presence that filled the room. Of course he was a Leo.

Clint Ritchie was born on August 9, 1938 in Grafton, North Dakota, one of 5 children. His solar chart doesn't show what led him to be an actor with those roots, except the mere fact he was a Leo, the sign of entertainment. The fact that Neptune is near his Venus might be another determining factor. Venus is the planet which represents the native in the chart, so the fact that the other acting planet is nearby could have tipped the balance in his favor to be an actor.

If he was born before noon, he has a grand trine in earth element; Moon in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus and Mercury/Neptune/Venus in Virgo.....which shows the love of the outdoors, the west, and horses.

The sun in Leo with Mars on one side shows a bent for athletics and sports, and a risking personality. Do it, and clean up later would be the Mars' motto. It also points to a quick temper, that forgets just as easily....except if he has Scorpio rising which we shall look into below. Yet, Neptune surrounded by Mercury and Venus would give him the tender heart that was shown on the screen so often. The fact that Saturn squares his moon and Pluto opposes it would indicate an intense childhood.

Clint had two grand trines in his chart (a planet or asteroid in each sign of an element - a very fortuitous placement). In this case he had Pallas (the asteroid of left brain thinking) in Pisces, trining Pluto (the planet of evolution and soul's growth) in Leo at 0 degrees, having just left Cancer, and the asteroids Vesta and Juno along with the north node in Scorpio. The second one is Neptune in Virgo, trine the moon in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus...with three substantive planets, obvlously the stronger one. Uranus squaring the Sun provides a restlessness and a desire not to let too much grass grow under his feet.

Pluto in Leo, is surrounded by Chiron in Cancer and Mars in Leo. Chiron represents our 'wounding' and relatively near Pluto would indicate his young life was fraught with intense experiences. The fact that Pluto more or less trails the faster planets, and first went over Mars, and then the sun, are indicators of a potentially rough time. Plus, the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in 1947 occured right in the middle of the mix. I don't know who didn't got out of that period unscathed if they were in their childhood years,

Chinese astrology: Clint was born in the Year of the Tiger and the month of the Dragon, by the 5 element system. The Tiger, being the archetype of the Lung meridian, has a desire to push out his chest (lungs) and receive accolades, so combined with a Leo sun, gives another good reason why he should seek to be an actor. The Dragon is the archetype for the stomach, so there was a big appetite to bring entertainment and joy to the masses.

The fact that Clint had a heart attack and died of complications, could give us a clue to his rising sign:

Clint's chart

The Horse is the archetypal animal for the Heart. He wasn't born in the year of the Horse, nor the sign of the Horse, and no planets are in the Horse area of his chart, so we might speculate that he was born during Horse time 11am-1pm. Now that doesn't mean if you were born at that time you have anything to worry about....It just means to keep your heart healthy. Scorpio rising would give him sexual intensity and the swoon of America's female population. (Why wasn't he named "Sexiest Man of the Year?" There should be an award like that in the soap world).

This chart would explain two things. In Catherine Hickland's comments as well as Robin Strasser's, they elude to Clint being difficult at times, and his relationships with women weren't always harmonious. Clint was never married nor had children. As much as the Horse wants to love and be loved; as much as the Horse wants to be in tandem, the Horse spends a lot of time alone. Even tho the Dog energy is 5 signs away from the Horse (the Dog representing the Circulation-Sex energy of inhibited/uninhibited) if this chart is accurate, the middle Chinese houses are short, so it throws the Dog into the 4th house; home, family and the foundation/roots of his chart.

Circ-sex/Dog energy here is the basis of his horoscope....the trunk of the tree from which the limbs and leaves extend. If the Horse/heart has been hurt one too many times, the Dog will get in there and bark and growl and chase potential romantic partners away. The Horse might want to try again (Better to have loved and lost, etc. ) but the Dog says, "nope, we aren't going there again" and steps in to protect the Horse. I have a photo that was circulated on the internet, showing a horse scaring off a dog, as if to say, "thanks, but no thanks". The alternate name for the Circulation-Sex meridian is the Pericardium - the membrane sac that literally protects the heart from blows.

If we look at the chart from this perspective, Pluto is on the cusp of the 10th, and Pluto here usually indicates fame far from the birth place. The combination of Mars and Pluto within 10 degrees and Scorpio rising would give credence to the statement in the Soap Opera network article where he told the reporter how he'd have Clint B exit the show..... Kinda a Scorpio idea.

Less than a week later, "Asa", "Clint's" Pa, left us too. Adios to Clint and Phil, two of the brightest stars in soaps or anywhere.

copyright 2009, Pamela Leigh Powers; all rights reserved.