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Jackie Zeman and I go waaay back. I was writing for Soap Opera Digest and I followed her from OLTL as "Lana McClain" to her current stint on GH. We have kept in touch all these years. Jackie is a very compassionate, empathic person who gives more than she receives. It has been a fascinating journey watching her storylines over the years and seeing how she's evolved. Today, she's the mother of "Carly" and grandmother to "Michael" and "Morgan" on the show, while at home she's mom to two young teen girls.

Jackie was born on March 6 in Englewood, New Jersey.

In the ancient African Dagara system, she was born in a Nature or wood year. This means, among other things that she needs to be in nature to replenish and that she can 'morph' into any other element.

Astrologically, she's a Pisces, with a Scorpio moon and Leo/Virgo rising. Now, Pisces and Scorpio are water signs, so that water - ocean (and she does live near the ocean), water, showering, and water artifacts (fish, dolphins, etc.) are appealing. Water signs tend to be secretive, they tend to pull the drapes and cover the windows if need be, so that no one can see in. But then, she has Leo rising....someone who likes to be out there, shining 'on stage', feeling it's her responsibility to make people laugh; sharing with everyone. It must be a real push-pull in her life.The western astrological system has 4 elements (fire, earth, air and water), while Dagara and Chinese have 5. In this case, Jackie is stronger in Fire energy with 4 planets, and water has 3...earth and air are runnersup with 2 each, so it's pretty balanced here. The water energy may have the tendency to drown the fire even tho it's dominant.

Chinese Astrology - In the Chinese system, Jackie was born in the Year of the Snake, the month of the Boar, the hour of the Monkey and the minute of the Cat. Interestingly, she has an animal in 4 of the 5 Chinese elements - Snake - "Earth", Boar - "Fire". Monkey - "water", and Cat -"Air/Metal". The only one of the 5 she doesn't have is wood, which equates to the Nature sign mentioned above....so we see she is quite well balanced.

The Snake is a perfectionist; it wants to do everything right the first time. There can be control issues here, because perfectionism holds it all together. The Snake hates to be rejected, and will take a lot. It does have a line in the sand, tho, that when anyone passes, that's it, no more Miss Nice girl. Snakes are very sensitive and will say "s/he makes my skin crawl" much like a snake slithering out of its old skin. Because she's so sensitive, she hates to be wrong (more from the view that as the perfectionist she didn't cover all the bases) that she'll be hurt if someone says "oh no, .......".

The Boar needs to be constantly reinforced, the Monkey sees the world from it's own perspective and the Cat needs to feel accepted.

3/05 - It's been about... what??? Six months since Corbin Bernsen joined the show as "Carly's" father? I had such high hopes that "Bobbie" would have a larger storyline. I was glad it was Berrnsen, because he's a Virgo. Jackie's a Pisces which is opposite, but we tend to attract opposites in life for partners, on tv as well as real life. Jackie also has a Virgo rising. So either way Bernsen should be a good match for her on the show (when "Bobbie" had a relationship with A. Martinez' character, A was a Libra - an air sign which doesn't really go well with Jackie's energy...which is probably why that 'relationship' didn't jell on screen). Let's write to ABC and get Jackie a new storyline.!!!

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Added thoughts - Tamara Braun is leaving as "Carly". If we looked into it, we might find that Bobbie and Carly's charts didn't mesh under Tamara's tenure, so it put Jackie in the background. Since Sarah Brown, the original "Carly", is reputed to be 'free' and if she comes back, we might see more of Bobbie., It was also rumored that Jackie, Stuart Damon and Leslie Charleson had been changed to a recurring status (which essentially means they aren't under contract to the show any more, I think - they just come in when needed). This might work in Jackie's favor, as her last contract does not seem to have had the necessary energy to keep her on the front burner on the show.

6/24/05 - When Jennifer Bransford came on GH as "Carly" I originally didn't think that was good for Jackie, since Jennifer is a Sag and Jackie is a Pisces.......different energy. BUT......as I watched them together this week, it suddenly dawned on me...aha! - Pisces is the natural mother for Sag, being in the 4th house of a Sag's solar chart. Since they represent our global energy, (being celebrities, they reflect the mores of the times) it's natural then, that their solar charts would work out very well (we don't need to have their rising time in this instance)...and it looks like the elephant has left the room; ie, "Bobbie" is part of "Carly's" life once again, where it seemed so odd that Carly never sought her mother's advice and comfort....much less a sounding board. So, even tho it seems Jackie is on recurring status rather than under contract, it's doing well for her.....Leslie Charleson and Stuart Damon, too, for that matter. They are on the show more since their status was changed.

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