Year of the Monkey

The most recent times the Year has belonged to the Monkey is 2004 and 2016. The Monkey year started on January 22 in 2004 and commences on Feb 8 in 2016. Sometimes I'll be going too fast on a short interpretation offered and will look at the Year, and say someone was born in the Year of the Monkey, let's say, when they were born in January. But, this isn't cut and dried. You aren't a Sheep on Jan 21st and a Monkey on Jan 22nd. People born at that time are shapeshifting into the next sign. So by January the Sheep characteristics are giving way to the Monkey; it would be like a Monkey with a little look of the Sheep left. This applies to all birthdates at the beginning of the year before the next Chinese New Year takes place.

Born in the Year of the Monkey, you are strong and assertive. You know what you want and won't be deterred til you get it. You have a certain philosophy which will not be changed. You need to be in control, and are fully capable of taking charge. If you are in a roomful of people, and someone new comes in, they'll assess the situation, and come over to you, figuring you must be the one in charge.

Monkeys need to curb the tendency to jump into situations and tell everyone what to do. A Monkey friend of mine and I went to Hawaii awhile back. She called home, and her 12 year old son said "I was walking home a different way, and I happened to see our dogs out and running around. I got them and when I got home, the garage door was wide open (it had been Very windy that day)'. She said, "are you allright? Are the dogs all right? Is the garage door locked." Hearing "Yes" to everything, she said "Ok, I'll see you Sunday". She has come a long way. A lot of Monkeys would have screamed and hollered and grounded everybody and vowed never to go away again. What they need to do in all situations is to pretend they are 5,000 miles away from the situation and just let the participants handle their own problems. Very difficult to do for a Monkey.

On the other hand, negative Monkeys will not be swayed by logic. You have created a world which works for you, and that's good enough for you; you don't need to look at anything else. You tend to see life as black or white. The famous 3 Monkeys of "Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil" - "evil" is anything that challenges the foundation of your philosophy. Dogma can get you in trouble.

Just as in the Chinese 5 element system upon which acupuncture is based, each meridian is named after an organ of the body (stomach, spleen, heart, etc.) the Chinese say don't take that literally; yet if the meridian stays out of balance the organ will be affected.

The meridian in the 5 element acupuncture system for which the Monkey is the archetype, is the Urinary Bladder. In the body we speak of "Bladder control" or the lack of it. Wherever the 'Bladder' energy occurs in your chart (as you overlay the Chinese chart over the western chart) is where you don't see the forest for the trees, and will not be swayed in most cases.

The Monkey's foundation is fear of humiliation and ridicule. Mom may have been self destructive, and you create a strong philosophy not to follow in her footsteps.

The Monkey's shadow issues revolve around being ignored, and grief and loss. Once you have been ignored by someone important, you vow it will never happen again.

The Monkey needs to be in control because his dad may have been a perfectionist who would not tolerate anything less. In order to satisfy Dad's high standards he had to develop a world that would support that.

No matter what year you were born, there is Monkey energy somewhere in your chart:

Ox - The Ox digs in his heels in regard to sex and mutually shared funds. Getting in a divorce with a Monkey can be a real tug of war.

Tiger - The Tiger has a Monkey as a mate. The Tiger's shadow is the Monkey. Tigers will often marry Monkeys.

Cat - Cats have Monkeys as bosses and coworkers, who can be very dictatorial , and not listen to another's point of view.

Dragon - The Dragon has Monkeys as their children, and first one in particular. Dragons can get very frustrated at their little one not budging an inch! They may exaggerate because they want to keep control.

Snake - The Snake has a Monkey for a mother. The Snake becomes a perfectionist, because the mother was so strong and domineering.

Horse - The Horse communicates from a Monkey perspective. The Horse, too, can be dogmatic at times. The Horse has Monkeys for siblings, and the one after the Horse in particular. Horses are love oriented, and can be taken into the sibling's net, wanting to please.

Sheep - The Sheep deals with Monkeys who handle their money. The Sheep has to be careful to whom s/he delegates the financial aspects of their life. The Sheep could be fleeced by a Monkey with the wrong intentions.

Monkey - The Monkey has Monkeys in the persons of their Dad's mom, and Mom's dad. These grandparents were very pivotal in the Monkey's makeup. If they were positive, they gave the Monkey a solid base of openness, allowing life to happen without stepping in to control it. If they weren't, the Monkey was influenced by these people who brooked no nonsense, and didn't allow the Monkey any slack.....that's the basis Monkey energy stems from.

Rooster - The Rooster has a Monkey as a stepfather, or those who plot behind their backs. The Rooster can be fearful from an intuitive place if s/he senses Monkeys are plotting, not knowing what's on the horizon. If the Rooster has a step father, he'll be bombastic and domineering, unless reflecting the more positive aspects of the energy.

Dog - The Dog has Monkeys who represent adopted kids, the sibling next oldest, the 3rd mate, the 4th child, etc. The Dog is quite reserved and modest, with intimacy issues. The Monkeys in his/her life can intimidate the hell out of them.

Boar - The Boar has a Monkeys as a father and boss. Part of the Boar's depression lies in fearing the humiliation and ridicule these Monkeys can inflict.

Rat - The Rat has a Monkey for a religious leader, travel guide, educator. There may be hellfire and brimstone abounding as the Monkey sways his flock; so too, with a professor.

Now, Monkey, don't write someone off who's a potential mate, just because they aren't a Tiger, or a Gemini (which is Tiger energy). More often you marry the animal energy that's opposite that at the time of your birth, which is more reflective of you personally; but the Tiger is part of the picture. A person may not be born in that year, but their, month, day or hour animal may be that energy or they can have a lot of planets in that area. After awhile you'll be able to recognize just who represents the energy and who doesn't.

In the year ahead, you'll find that the area where your Monkey energy is located, is where and whom you'll deal with this year.

copyright 2003-2004, 2016, Pamela Leigh Powers

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