Sandy Hook

Our hearts wretched with pain when we heard...and then saw... in the media...that 20 little souls and 6 teachers at the Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut were cut down with an army assault rifle, by a young man barely 20 years old. How does this happen to 20 little 6 & 7 year olds, just going to school one day....and never coming home? It defies logic.

It's now 3 weeks since it happened, and Christmas has come and gone, and the rest of the world is back to the purpose of living each day, and we've put it in the back of our minds. But the town of Newtown, Connecticut and the people connected to the families, are still in the throes of the pain. Today, the kids who survived went back to school to a new location..... "excited" it was reported, to be going back......yeah.....right.....I believe that one.

To sort this out, it seems necessary to take it in steps.

An apocalypse had been predicted for December 21st, 2012, because the Mayan calendar came to an end. An apocalypse is defined as a prophetic revelation, in which the forces of good permanently triumph over the forces of evil. Only 7 days before, the lives of Newtown, Connecticut's residents changed forever.....and the world was affected. What more do we need to get the forces of evil revealed and removed?

What causes a young man to first kill his mother, and then take the guns she had purchased, and shoot up the school? Initially it had been reported that his mother worked at the school....that was amended to volunteered at the school....and then eventually changed to the fact she had no connection there at all. It was first surmised - and was my first thought - that if she had a connection to the school, he may have felt she loved these little kids more than he...but that's not the case. In other instances, when parents are depressed and take the lives of their own children, before taking their own it's been said that children represent the future that they find intolerable to experience. But, why these young, innocent children that this boy had no connection to? We may never know.


So let's start this globally and take each step...step by step from the Universe, to the world, to the U.S., to Connecticut, to Newtown, to Lanza and finally, to the children, for we don't know their birthdates except for a couple.

What's gong on?

In the sky we have Uranus squaring Pluto. Uranus rules Aquarius, and is in the Air Element, for thinking and communication. In its highest expression, it is the higher octave of Mercury, in that it is inventive thought, genius; thinking outside the box. It opens our consciousness to contemplate ideas we never thought of before. It rules mathematics, space, air travel, new age, astrology. It is the hippie of the zodiac, which loves to burst the bubble on pomposity, and pull the rug out from under the status quo, and expose corruption and the abuse of power. In its detriment, it is like unstable nitroglycerin and can trigger and explosion at any second. It rules the collective consciousness and it is not above violence under certain circumstances.

Pluto rules Scorpio, and is in the Water Element, for feeling and power. It is the higher octave of Mars, which ruled the Scorpio sign before Pluto was discovered. It is subjective where Aquarius is objective. It is feeling where Aquarius is thinking. The noted psychoanlalyst, Carl Jung, said we can't think and feel at the same time. So when they stress each other in the sky, volatile emotions can be triggered by a process that can't handle the combination.

Pluto wants power. It wants to dominate. It wants to have its own way, anyway it can get it. It rules corporations, governments, Wall Street. It loves money and the accumulation of it. It is the higher octave of Mars, which rules guns and destruction. It is power and the abuse of power. When Uranus comes along to shake things up, it sees the power and corruption Pluto has wrought, and seeks to expose it.....thus the apocalypse.

Uranus is the Hippie of the Zodiac and Pluto is the Vulture Capitalist. When they clash, someone is going to go down.

In the 60's, Uranus caught up with Pluto and conjuncted (was at the same degree as) it in Virgo. It was the time of free love and free spirits challenging the war, and it opened us to computers, space travel and advanced thinking and at the time we thought we had laid the ground work so the abuses of power were checked.

But, Pluto wasn't about to give up that easily. In the 46 years since then, Pluto has worked behind the scenes, surreptitiously putting it all back together. Remember when Congress mandated that Ma Bell (AT&T) break up and create little "Bells" to avoid a monoply? So we had Pacific Bell, and Southern Bell....and other little Bells around the country. When George Bush got into the office, slowly but surely all the little Bells started to merge and before long.....voila! All the King's forces and all the King's Men put AT&T back together again. That's a nice metaphor to express how Pluto moved behind the scenes to put all their power and force back in place to be in control again.

Uranus & Pluto in sky....and then Uranus came back to town. It entered Aries in 2010, and moved into a 'square' position to Pluto (90 degrees apart, the first major challenge since the 60's) and has been squaring Pluto in Capricorn since then, back and forth. Mars rules Aries, and with Uranus there, brings the Mars/guns element into the mix....with an unsteady hand and a quick temper. On December 14th, at 8:30 am, about the time Adam Lanza, the shooter, killed his mother, the moon (representing mother) was conjunct Pluto (Power/powerless), and between it and Mars (guns). It was on the ascendant. Saturn is sextiling from Scorpio (Pluto being the ruler of Scorpio so bringing Saturn in to the mix. Saturn is harsh reality). Uranus is squaring from Aries, and near it is Pallas, an asteroid that has a lot to do with mental instability...the two had been 'hanging out' together for a few months. Uranus rules Aquarius, higher thinking, but Pallas can be the trigger for mental illness.

As Uranus in Aries approached Pluto in Capricorn, Pluto was running roughshod as the Congress of the United States, throwing its weight around, refusing to do anything constructive, until they could get Aquarius rising President Obama 'outta there'.....which they didn't do. Pluto was opposing the United States' Jupiter in Cancer, which rules politics. They were so full of themselves, that they didn't even feel it was necessary to hide their machinations anymore. They dug in their heels and refused to do anything....F--- the people. ....oh yes, Pluto is the sign of sex, too...and not the romantic kind..

US Chart Then, as Pluto's opposition to the U.S. Jupiter in Cancer was waning, Uranus in Aries squared it while it squared Pluto in Capricorn in the sky (it was between Pluto in Capricorn and US' Jupiter in Cancer - they were opposing, and Uranus was at their midpoint 90 degrees from each) ....the first hard angle to Pluto since the 60's.......It 'came back to town' and found that Pluto hadn't adhered to the changes Uranus had instigated and had them all in place once again.......surrepitiously putting all the power and control ....and corruption...back where they had been, and more so. That didn't amuse Uranus at all and he set about to expose and upset the status quo. First, President Obama was elected in 2008, and then reelected in spite of $300 million dollars in advertising just spent by Karl Rove's organization alone. Uranus and Pluto square in the sky at least 5 times more in the next couple of years, and the apocalypse that started in 1966 will open up the power and corruption that has gone on for far too long, and instigate rules to set it from happening again. ....Or, in 2046 when Uranus opposes Pluto, Virgo to Pisces, the next hard angle - and Uranus gets back to where it was in the 60's - it'll crack the whip again.

So far, we have seen President Obama as the expression of Uranus because he has Aquarius rising, and Congressman John Boehner as Pluto, since he's a Scorpio, knocking heads. In the 2012 election we also saw President Obama with his Aquarius rising as the protector of the people against Mitt Romney, the Vulture Capitalist (Pluto).


US Chart

The United States Chart: The most popular United States chart is July 4, 1776 at 2:17 a.m in Washington, D.C., with Gemini rising. This puts Uranus at 8Gemini on the ascendant with Mars at 20Gem in the first house. Uranus in the first house is what gives us the need to be independent, autonomous and free. Uranus and Mars aren't in aspect to each other, but there are no other planets between them, so Uranus is given the added element of anger, impatience and guns with Mars in the first house, too. The First House in a person's chart is indicative of the person's a country's chart it reflects the 'face to the world' of the country....we are seen as freedom loving, but with a penchant to use guns to get what we want.

Just before the massacre, Mars conjuncted Pluto in the sky...on November 27th, to be exact, and squared Uranus in Aries on Nov. 23rd.....triggering exchanges between Lanza's mother and himself, perhaps...Mars being anger that moves quickly and triggers the slower moving planets. Mars conjuncts Pluto every couple of years...Mars squares Uranus twice in a two year period. It just depends on how the planets fall around the chart and how they affect our charts individually. Because Mars and Pluto were together, stressed by Uranus 'on the angle' 90 degrees away, and then Saturn (harsh reality, sorrow) was moving in to join the group, Mars was bouncing off of them like a pin ball machine ball.

Mars' energy is a hair trigger, explosive type. While we wonder why a majority of the population is so wound up in freedom and guns, we have only to look at the U.S. chart and the First house. When Mars aspects Uranus periodically, those are days when even the most pacifist person can get a rush of energy to floor board the accelerator in the car, or wish they had a when you have a person who is angry anyway and feeling powerless, sometimes they act on it.

Our 'culture of violence' is not so much from Uranus itself, which can be very much the pacifist and intellectual in its highest expression, but the combo of Uranus and Mars in the first house. Uranus isn't above using violence if it gets the apocalypse it wants.

The Star Spangled Banner, our National Anthem: One move we could make to change this energy is to change the national anthem from the Star Spangled Banner to American the Beautiful. Even our anthem consists of 'bombs bursting in air'. Symbolically, it would help to create a shift if we sang instead about spacious skys and amber waves of grain.

As Uranus currently squares Pluto in the sky from the 11th house of money of the U.S. and media, Pluto is in the U.S.' 8th house of sex, death and the underworld. Actually, Pluto is in its own 8th house from the solar chart, and Uranus is in its own 11th house, intensfying the energy (Scorpio is the 8th house and Aquarius is the 11th house in what is called 'the solar chart' the base from which the others flow). Pluto in Capricorn is inconjuncting Uranus in the U.S. first house, and opposing political ruling Jupiter in Cancer in the second. Uranus is squaring Jupiter and is moving in to sextile its natal placement in the first house. So, since Jupiter rules politics, the U.S. is being shaken as Uranus exposes all the corruption and abuses of powerin the Congress.


Born In the Year of the Monkey: The U.S. was born in the Year of the Monkey by Chinese astrology. The Monkey can express as a chattery little monkey jumping from one branch to another in the a a an a King Kong in it's most controlling expression. The Monkey seeks to control his world, and will go against the natural order of things in order to maintain it. It will be like the "Emperor with No Clothes" not seeing or recognizing anything but what it complete denial. It's "his way or the highway" and will not brook any interference. This is one of the reasons we force our philosophies onto the world around us. It will not take No for an answer. It does not believe in "May the best man win" but exhorts the energy and will do whatever is necessry to win by any means. Every Monkey, personal or state, or country, needs to move into trust and faith and allow the Universe to express itself and not try to force it to work the way it wants to. Most of our problems come from our ego trying to make something happen, rather than trusting the Universe to do what's right. We frequently say "life's not fair" but in its purest expression I believe it is....we've just moved the Rubik's cube of Life one time too many waaaay back when, and we've been trying to right it ever since.


Uranus & Pluto in sky
Connecticut's Chart: Connecticut is one of three states 'born' in Capricorn...the others being Alaska, Georgia and Iowa. It was 'born' on January 9th, 1788 Hartford, I would assume but Wiki isn't clear. It has a Capricorn sun and an Aquarius moon, with Venus and Pluto and Saturn in Aquarius as well. So while it has the structure and practicality of Capricorn, it has more energy in Aquarius...and Saturn, back then, had recently conjuncted Pluto at the time it was declared a state, so it has a lot of energy around status, power and the nature to force its will on others. This is a solar chart, without the time, yet we see Uranus (suddenness) currently is in the 3rd house of lower education, and Pluto is in the 12th, behind the sun at 19 degrees. Mars, which has recently conjuncted Pluto in the sky on Nov 27th, had just entered the first house of this chart and conjuncted Connecticut's sun....which it does every 2+years, but the energy was set up differently this time with all the outlying planets in early degrees, aspecting each other, and Mars being the pin ball who set it all off.

The main aspects around the 14th were Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn aspecting the planetoid Chiron, the energy of the "wounding"....Pluto sextile Saturn in the sky created a YOD which sent its energy down to the beginning of Gemini where natal Chiron is in the 5th house of children, and Gemini ruling lower education.....with Jupiter there in the sky conjuncting Chiron....a focus on a major wounding.


US Conn comp chartU.S./Connecticut Composite Chart: The composite chart for the U.S. and Connecticut, finds the Sun, south node and Venus in Aries, with Uranus conjunct Mars in Cancer at the bottom of the chart, and the moon conjunct Pluto in Aquarius in the 11th of movies and tv. Pluto in the 11th is being powerful and swaying the masses with deceminating information around the world....and it's close to the moon representing motherhood. A composite chart is different from a Relationship chart . A composite chart is the midpoint of each planet and each house to create a chart of the blended energies. A "Relationship chart" finds the date midway between. The relationship chart shows the date as April 7, 1782. I usually find the composite chart works best, but sometimes I find telling aspects in the Relationship chart. In this instance, the two are remarkably close. So to put it in a nutshell, Uranus had recently gone into the first house, shaking things up, while Pluto is in the 10th house of career and status, pushing to come into power. The moon and Pluto are in Aquarius indicating, perhaps underworld connection of guns and violence; certainly one of power/powerless.

So, Uranus had recently moved into this composite chart's first house, shaking up things about to meet up with Mercury at 11 Aries and the sun at 15 Aries in a few years, but importantly now in the first house. Gemini is in it's own 3rd house of education where that Saturn sextile Pluto YOD sent the energy, mentioned above in the Connecticut chart. Aries was squaring (stressing) Uranus conj Mars (sudden motion/guns) in Cancer in the 4th house of roots...and mother....The composite shows the Moon and Pluto together in Aquarius it's own 11th house of tv and media....moon being mother and Pluto being power, inconjuncting the Uranus/Mars aspect in Cancer in the 4th.....Pluto not being against using guns, ruling the underworld, to get what it wants.


Newtown chartNewtown, Connecticut's chart: The only information I could glean was that it was incorporated in October of 1711. This shows Pluto was currently at the end of the 3rd house of education, and Uranus at the end of the 6th house,which is generally work and service. In 1711, Uranus and Pluto were conjunct in Virgo.....JUST AS THEY WERE IN 1966, and back in 1711, Saturn in Leo was moving in to conjunct them both a couple of years later...setting up a karmic link some three hundred and one years later of sorrow and despair.

Around December 14th, Pluto was squaring the Newtown sun, causing stress and contention, bringing a need for power and control to bear. Pluto was also conjuncting the asteroid Pallas, the asteroid of mental instability, while Uranus was moving in to stress from the other angle.



The asteroid Pallas rules mental brilliance to mental issues. The goddess, Pallas, was born of Zeus' head, had no mother, so is seen as being pure intellect, does not have a connection to mother/emotion, and can run the gamut from genius to asberger's, to autism to mental illness. Pallas and Uranus, each ruling mental acuity and genius capabilities were hanging out together in Aries (impulsiveness/guns) in the last year. Pallas retrograded and now is going forwards towards Uranus again. The two can heighten brilliance, or can exacerbate it, spiraling it into delusion.



The planet Saturn, ruler of authority and austerity and the practical sign of Capricorn, can also be one of sorrow and harsh reality. Between 6-7, everyone who is born finds Saturn moving 90 degrees away from where it was at birth, and creating the first "Saturn Square". This is when we find out about Santa Claus, and depending on the aspects to Saturn in the chart, we have experiences where we deal with reality and start to grow up. This year, Saturn was squaring Saturn for these children, while Pluto was inconjuncting their natal Saturn so the Saturn sextile Pluto, which we think as being more benign than more harsh aspects of the duo, still creates problems when it stresses natal planets.

The children who were born in 2005 were born in the Year of the Rooster. These children tend to be fearful and apprehensive. The children who were born in 2006, were born in the Year of the Dog. The Dog energy contains the potential of loss of innocence...experiencing something that strips their young innocence early. Why those children died amongst everyone in the school, only their charts will tell maybe a smattering.....but why one twin lived and the other died, defies logic.


The CHILDREN: The children were between 6 and 7. At that time of life, Saturn moves to 90 degrees from where it started, This can be our first clash with reality. ETC, but how many trillions of us have just had an unpleasant experience with a parent or a teacher or a bully in school??? As a MMM it is inconceivable to see 20 little children, with Saturn square Saturn, gunned down like they were 'dangerous enemies'. yet we have to believe there is more than this one experience. There would seem to be something before this and after this. Many believe that this is like a short excerpt in time, where our spirits come down and manifest in form to work out some evolution of consciosuness and then go on to something else. So maybe we can have some comfort thatthese 20 souls chose a 'short contract' to come down and make a statement, and then go back and continue their journey.


Adam Lanza ChartADAM LANZA:

Then, we come down to the chart of Adam Lanza, the alleged killer. I guess we have to say that. He was born on April 22, 1992, in Exeter, New Hampshire. He has a Taurus sun and Capricorn moon. Ironically the sun and moon are in trine which would indicate the parents were in love and happy at his birth. He has Venus in Aries, which reflects more on him as an individual than any ot the other planets. Taurus tends to have a slow temper, that burns for ages til the right set of circumstances presents themselves, while Venus in Aries would indicate a quick temper which explodes and simmers down quickly.

In 2012, Pluto moved in to conjunct his moon in Capricorn and square Mercury in Aries.....where Uranus was in reverse.....squaring the moon and conjuncting Mercury. The moon represents Mom and Mercury is communication. Pluto afflicting them can cause coercive exchanges, where the child feels oppressed by the mother, whether it is true or not. Moms tend to come on stronger perhaps, but it depends on the mom, how intense and controlling it is. Regardless, it's 'f--- you, Mother' time, muttering under their breath, even with the best of mothers...she's an authority figure repressing them....and Taurus has issues with repression. When it happens in youth, some kids are more confrontive than others. Pluto/Uranus affecting Mercury, and Mercury ruling education, there could have been a teacher or bully in the school who was getting on him.

Adam Lanza Chart in Dec 2012

Another indication of mental issues, is that the Moon and Pallas are conjunct in Capricorn, emotion vs no emotion, which may have indicated there were times when he was attached to his emotions, and other times when he was not. Another indication, is right next to that Neptune and Uranus are conjunct in Capricorn. Again, Neptune is emotion, and Uranus is intellect...neither combination process well, and Pallas is between them, extracting the emotion. As Uranus and Neptune moved on, during his life, Uranus was happy in its own sign of Aquarius for 8 years, then moved into Pisces, a water sign, where he wasn't at ease. At the same time Neptune, moving slower, moved into Aquarius, an air sign. They were in each other's birth signs, and kids born during that time have lots of right/left brain processing issues. If aspected well there can be genius and brilliance. But we've also seen the rise in autism, and now....more mental illness. Most Chinese years can work with it; it was probably harder in 1992 - The Year of the Monkey.

1992 was the Year of the Monkey, and these people can be the bully of the zodiac. They want power and they want their world to agree to their world view, and they'll intimidate, bully, and force their way to get it. The Monkey needs to let go of the ego, have trust and faith, and allow the Universe to play the cards the way they are dealt. Growing up feeling powerless, perhaps, not belonging, being taunted by kids his own age, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time for the wrong reasons.



conjunction: two planets mathematically at the same degree in the sky. Energy united working in concert, either amping up or squashing as well as in the same vibrationi. .

square: two planets 90 degrees apart. The first 'hard angle' after a conjunction; We see what we have done with the energy of the conjunction.

Opposition: two planets 180 degrees apart at opposite ends, pulling in two directions....seeing what needs to be done.

Second Square: there is a square on the other side of the chart between the opposition and the next conjunction. That is a testing to see how we've done and what we still need to do.

Uranus: takes 84 years to go thru th 12 signs. It takes about 8 years to travel thru each. It 'awaken's the area it is in. It upsets the apple cart, challenges power and looks for independence and autonomy. The United States has Uranus in its First House, thus desiring freedom....but not afraid to fight to get it with Mars, the Warrior planet, as the next one in line.

Pluto: takes 247 years to go around the zodiac. That would be around 20 years in a sign, but planets don't have regular circular orbits, and Pluto is one. Pluto went thru Leo from 1939-1957, but then it sped up for awhile, and spent 12 years in Virgo Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. Now in Capricorn, it's lengthening out again and will be 15 years in Cap. Pluto is all about evolution of consciousness, transcending and transforming. It's about taking us as a piece of carbon and thru heat and pressure creating a diamond. When Pluto moves 90 degrees from where it started, it's 'diamond making' time. For Richard Nixon it was Watergate when he was in his 60's....For those born in the 40's it happened to them in the 1980's,.....and for the next generation, people now, are experiencing it in their mid to late 30's....which can be good, because they have the opportunity to heal those wounds of Pluto and have half a life left.

Saturn: takes 29-30 years to go around the wheel, it stays in a sign 2 1/2 years. Saturn is about reality, can be hard and harsh. wants people to play by the they can be controlled more than anything. Saturn is like a harsh, disciplinarian father and we often see elements of the father in a chart. The sun is said to represent the Father, but it is more we can see a person's Father in how Saturn is aspected.

Pallas: is an asteroid. It is named after the goddess, Pallas Athene, who was born of Zeus' head, so has no connection to emotion. In it's best expression, it is mental genius. In its lesser expression, it is the seat of autism and asberger's. Finally in the extreme, mental illness. Pallas has been hanging out with Uranus in Aries in the recent past, adding impatient behavior and mental brilliance or illness to the mix.

Pamela Leigh Powers, 2013 all rights reserved.