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Hi! I'm Pam Powers. I have been an astrologer of over 35 years. I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist (developing my own body-mind process), and teacher of holistic practices.

In 1991, a well-respected psychic told me, 'you will do something new with astrology'. At the time, I didn't possibly believe there was anything really 'new' for astrology. But there is.

From 1988-1991, I published a holistic health newspaper, 'Aquarius Rising'. This was a 16 page tab size paper for the San Francisco Bay Area. I published 20 issues. During that time, I interviewed many people about their specialties. I was drawn to learn Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing), via Touch for Health in the Energetic Life Balancing system. I started to draw correlations to astrology, and my understanding of the science began to grow. ELB has a 'recession' technique that is similar to hypnotherapy. Since I had been doing self-hypnosis for about 10 years, I enrolled and became a certified clinical hypnotherapist. Touch for Health is based, in part, on the acupuncture system of meridians - the flows of energy which go up and down the body which are named after organs of the body. I became more and more fascinated when I discovered these 'meridians' respond to core emotions as well as acupuncture needles. It became evident that one could use this knowledge in the hypnotherapy area as well.

I plunged in and learned about acupuncture and acupressure. From it, I developed my own technique, 'Body Mind SynergeticsTM- Acupuncture of the MindTM'. Using muscle testing to access the emotions, hypnotherapy to get in touch with the imbalance, and acupressure on the meridian to release it physically, it becomes a total mind-body process to facilitate change.

As for what's new with astrology.... I have developed a system which delineates the meridians to the astrology chart and thus we can see what organs are affected by which planets and the emotional/psychological tendencies as well as the potential for health or illness. You've never had an astrology reading like this one!!

Internet Special: 90 minute reading, with chart background, transits for the next year and Chinese astrology overlay, is $125 + $6, postage and printing. Send full birthdate (month, day, year, time and place + the areas of interest), to Pam Powers, P O Box 2235, Benicia, Ca 94510-2235. Please include your email address.

Chinese Astrology Chart: see how your Chinese astrology relates to your western chart, and how it delineates the people in your life. 1 hour reading - $60 + $6 postage and printing. Half hour reading giving the highlights, $49 + $6 printing and postage. Mail to address above with same particulars.

You can also pay by PayPal - send payment to acumind@sbcglobal.net. Then send me an email with full particulars.

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