Chinese Power Animals
Archetypes of Transformation

by Pamela Leigh Powers

Chinese Power Animals
This book by astrologer and hypnotherapist, Pam Powers, was released by Samuel Weiser Publishers in June of 2000 and the 2nd printing was May of 2007.

Combining elements of Chinese Astrology with western astrology and the 5 Element System of which acupuncture is based upon, this book will take the reader into previously untapped territory of how and why we behave the way we do.

In Chinese Astrology, we are born in the year of an animal...2000 is the Year of the Dragon...but we are also born in the month, hour and minute of an animal as well...We have a totem of 4 animals that this book concentrates upon, which makes up our personality and demeanor.

There is a Chinese 24 hour wheel which places the 12 animals around it in two hour segements, starting at odd-numbered hours: 1-3am, 3-5am, 5-7am, etc. There is also a Time of Day Wheel, where each meridian/organ of the body is placed around in the same sequence, 1-3am, 3-5am, 5-7am, etc. Hence, we get an animal as an archetype or symbol for each organ/meridian of the body.

Using this premise, we can use it as the basis for a number of different applications:

Learning about our personality and those we love ... or don't love...

Checking in with hypnotherapy, with the animals as archetypes, to see the status of our health

Seeing when we 'turn the wheel' how different people in our lives are mirrored by the animals in each astrological house

Being able to 'tune in' to who is affecting us when illness arises.

Being able to see where people are 'coming from' and how to respond

The book then turns its focus on healing modalities which can help each animal/meridian come back into harmony and balance, with such things as aromatherapy, numerology, herbology, colors, music, Bach Flower Remedies. Healing chapters are contributed by Pamela Galadrial on Bach Flowers, Joe Ivory on numerology, and Caroline Patrick on the healing power of herbs. Ms. Patrick also was the illustrator of the book and did the cover art work.

There are two misprints. On page 110, under "The Horse" it says it rules long term memory, but that should be short term memory instead. On Page 125, under "The Rooster", it says rules short term memory, but it should say long term memory instead. Please alter your book accordingly; thanks, and sorry it got by all the proofing.

If you are interested in purchasing the book, you can request it from your local book store, ISBN#:1-57863-147-5 at $16.95 retail, or order thru the book websites via this site below,

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