Sheen chart On February 1st I did a write up on Charlie Sheen on my blog, but with recent events, it deserves a deeper look.

In 1966, Uranus, the hippie planet; the mental planet manifesting the collective consciousness, which wants to be free and democratic, met up with Pluto, the planet of the masses which wants to control them, manipulate and dominate them for its own purposes. It was a time where women sought their independence thru feminine equality. Sex became more than just for procreation, and women didn't have to be 'good girls' and just endure it to provide children. There were protests against the war and there was a war on poverty, while Patty Hearst was kidnapped and her father forced to provide food for the people of Oakland, California. Power for the elite became Power for the People. It was "Don't trust anyone over 30" for those were the people out to do you in.....politicians, corporate hierarchy, those who played it by the books...those who sought control by manipulation and covert means....those who sought dominion over the little people. Well, the "little people" didn't like it and rebelled. Uranus is the planet who likes to expose that which is hidden and Pluto loves to hide....everything. Uranus has great glee in upsetting the apple cart and showing what Pluto has kept in the dark.

At the same time Uranus was meeting up with Pluto in Virgo at 16 degrees in 1966, Chiron, the planetoid which represents our wounding, was in Pisces on the opposite end of the spectrum. Rules-n'-regulations-Saturn moved in to hang with Chiron for a spell. Saturn represents father frequently in one's chart, so there was deep father wounding for many people born at this time. There was anger at the repression, anger at having to tow the line when they wanted to break free and express themselves; deep Saturn/father wounding. Doesn't mean all kids born in late '65, '66 and part of '67 all had dominating fathers - might be a grandfather, teacher, coach; maybe even a mother or grandmother - but they had an authoritarian in their young lives who went by that old European axiom, "first break the will of the child".

So, while Uranus and Pluto were sparring in the sky in Virgo, Saturn was opposing them in Pisces...Saturn and Pluto don't bode well when they team up in any scenario. The twosome wants absolute power and control. Rules are rules, and arcane or idiotic as they might be at times, power for power's sake. Those rules are inviolate to their minds and they are not to be challenged. Uranus goes, " ptooey!" and spits in their face, causing a diabolical reaction. Uranus exposes, Uranus upsets the apple cart, and the structure of the two power planets start to erode.

Charlie Sheen was born 3 September of 1965 at 10:48 pm EDT, in New York, New York, the third child of Martin Sheen. He is a Virgo, with Sagittarius moon, and Gemini rising. His Virgo sun is sandwiched between Mercury in Leo and Uranus in Virgo....a highly intelligent person, and perhaps where this eclectic behavior comes from.

Martin Sheen was born on August 3, 1940 at 2:03 pm, in Dayton, Ohio. A Leo, with Leo Moon and Scorpio rising, he has his new moon Sun/moon sandwiched between Mars and Pluto....with Saturn looking on from Taurus, or stress position. Mars and Pluto often create a military type person, particularly with Saturn in the mix. Discipline, authority, abject obedience and rules that can't be broken. Because of the line up in the sky at the time of Charlie's birth, he may have felt the discipline more than the other kids in the family.

In the Chinese overlay, Charlie was born in the year of the Snake, the month of the Snake, the hour of the Boar and the minute of the Cat. The Snake itself fears rejection, yet can court it at the same time. The Boar fears humiliation and ridicule and seeks respect. They get really deeply challenged when they feel 'dissed'. This is also where depression and self destruction are rooted, which is the meridian under which Charlie was born. These natives really get ticked off when they aren't acknowledged and respected. When they feel disrespected it goes to the core of their being and a rage wells up that can't be quenched.

Flash forward 45 years, and Uranus has moved 90 degrees away from this position and causes the first stress between itself and Pluto since those days.....we see what we have wrought. Charlie Sheen isn't 'wroughting' very well.

The 10th house at the top of the chart represents Father, it also represents our career and the bosses who are in that position. . We tend to go to work for people who have the same energy as our fathers, in order to continue to process and hopefully heal that deep wound.

So, we can project that Chuck Lorre, executive producer and head writer on Sheen's mega hit, "Two and a Half Men" is a "mite" like Martin Sheen, and as the mental/metal/air planet Uranus, which rules Aquarius, is again clashing with Scorpio Power in Pluto, this time it isn't going to work out the way it did originally. When Charlie says, "I'm not going to be treated like a 12 year old", there's truth in that, it's not just a saying. While other people can flow with Lorre's way of being boss, it just strikes a third rail in Charlie's gut.

His boss/father figure, Chuck Lorre, was born on October 18, 1952, in Bethpage, Long Island, New York. An air sign Libran; he was born in the hours of a new moon (Moon in Libra as well), has Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. Air and water are a dynamite combination. Air and water don't mix. So, a person with this planetary mix can be logical, linear and objective one minute in Libra, and then an emotional button gets pushed, and they are subjective and wound up for a day or so, til they sleep, or in some other way, it passes.

At birth, Lorre had Pluto stressing his Venus in Scorpio and Jupiter in Taurus, creating a T square (3 points of a square); plenty of intensity and passion, while Uranus squared the Sun, Moon and Saturn, creating a combustible combination between finite reality and wanting to color outside the box. His new moon in Libra is right between Saturn moving in to conjunct Neptune. Saturn is reality and Neptune is unreality and the two clashed in the charts of people born in and around 1952. Sometimes they are open and generous and accepting, and sometimes they close down and become authoritarian. It was reported that Lorre has helmed "Grace Under Fire" (Brette Butler), Cybill (Cybill Shepherd), and Roseanne (Roseanne Barr Arnold), so he's well aware of the egos of his lead actors, and may well draw them to him for his evolution and soul's growth.

Mars seems to be a key component at this time, as Uranus moves into square Pluto in the sky. Mars is young male energy. It's anger and aggression. It's the warrior. Those with Mars in early degrees are finding U/P challenging it and causing a wild reaction. Chuck Lorre has Mars in early Capricorn conjunct Chiron, with Pluto moving over it at this time, creating a need for power over this pent up energy. Charlie has Mars in Scorpio with Pluto sextiling it, Uranus inconjuncting it and Saturn will move over it next year...the heavy duty planets hitting Mars one right after another, needling the repressed anger. Muammar Gaddafi of Libya has the Master Yod point (Neptune sextile Pluto) moving over Mars in late Cancer, and Pluto in early Leo, highlighting the energy and bringing it to the front burner at this time; which is why he isn't going as easily as Mubarak.

Uranus, after it had a flash of independence and progress in the late 60's has seen what it strove to create has eroded over the years as Pluto slowly but surely took the reins once again. Now, angry Mars triggers the instability of Uranus and challenges the power of Pluto. Whether Sheen's lifestyle triggered a reaction to the drugs, or however it is construed these days, Uranus is unstable mental energy, Mars is deep anger, and the two are reacting big time to the power struggle created with the dominating Pluto father figure.

Whatever Charlie's relationship is with his father, Chuck Lorre undoubtedly mirrored that in some way, and it just struck a chord deep in Charlie's gut that couldn't be ignored.

The lives of our celebrities often demonstrate as metaphors what is going on in the world and the planets that affect us. What Charlie is demonstrating is those who tasted freedom and democracy in the 60's, who saw Uranus break thru a finite pattern of repression and rule, has seen it erode, are now filled up to their collective gills, and are about to declare, "we ain't putting up with this repression anymore!"

copyright 2011, Pamela Leigh Powers, all rights reserved.