Uranus Square Pluto
Solar Eclipse Jan 4, 2011

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

Jared Lee Loughner

Christina Green

The outer planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - move slowly, and they set the scene for the faster planets - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars - to create the daily events that build up when two of them march to a confrontation in the sky. In 1966, Uranus conjuncted Pluto, and now, Uranus is making it's first stress aspect, squaring Pluto, Aries to Capricorn, in 2012. Even tho it won't square Pluto til next year, as it approaches, the faster planets aspect them, and start setting up the events that will peak in 2012.

When I wrote the forecasts for 2011, I was worried that the first eclipse on January 4th was at the midpoint between Pluto at 5 of Cap and Mars at 22 of Cap. It was only 4 days later that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords , D, Az, was shot at point blank range as she was offering a town hall type meeting in front of Safeway in Tucson, Az. On January 3rd, the senate and house, as well as newly elected governors and other politicians around the country were sworn in as the eclipse formed, so this energy is part of their term chart.

While Uranus moves toward a square, stress, aspect to Pluto, we had Jupiter move in to conjunct Uranus. While we look at this as 'sudden good luck', Jupiter also rules politics, and the twosome were together at the stress spot. So, taking the slowest planets first, which set the stage and provide the "sets" and puts the people in place for anti-establishment types to challenge the power of the status quo, Jupiter adds a political twist.

We like to think of Uranus as mercurial, intelligent energy. Aquarius/Uranus people are the geniuses, they are the nerds using their computers to create great things. They are the astronauts taming space, and they are the anti-establishment hippies, breaking down the established but sometimes stultifying abuses of power by those in place, to form something new in the rubble. But, Uranus is also dynamite, and nitroglycerin; unstable energy they can detonate without warning. Uranus is the violence in our quest for independence and liberation.

The United States' chart has Uranus and gun totin' Mars in the first house. It's been said in recent days that we are the most violent nation in the world.....it's because Uranus and Mars are in the first house. It works well when we're struggling to break away from England and establish our freedom and independence, but when our national anthem is "The Star Spangled Banner" with "bombs bursting in air", our energy, while aiding our quest for democracy, freedom and independence, might do well now to change the anthem to "America the Beautiful" and shift that energy. We can be independent and free and democratic, and have "amber waves of grain" instead.

The United States' chart finds the Uranus square Pluto aspect touching off Jupiter....government, politics and dogma. Pluto will be opposing Jupiter in cancer, and Uranus will be squaring it. The political arena isn't going to calm down anytime soon.

It seems appropriate that we start with Gabby's chart. I have the inclination to do 9 year old Christina Green's next in line, but I suppose the alleged shooter's chart would be the one I should do next as we are interested in the workings of the mind that could have done such a heinous thing.


Congresswoman GiffordsSo, let's start with Gabby. I had never heard of her before, as the majority of the nation and the world hadn't, and now we call her fondly Gabby, and no one has to say her last name....we all know who Gabby is. ...such is the energy of Gemini and Leo.

Gabby was born June 8, 1970 in Tucson. She's a Gemini with a Leo moon, and was born in the Year of the Dog.

Geminis are natural "people persons" - an air sign, a mental sign - which likes to be with people and communicate and exchange ideas. The Leo moon gives her a more expansive, generous personality than a Gem might ordinarily have and gives her a "special' quality. People are naturally attracted to her.

At her birth, Mars was squaring Uranus. Mars being near her sun sign, it gave her the zeal to pioneer; to be first and make gains for herself as a woman and her constituents. But Uranus was finally getting out of Pluto's shadow for those born then, yet Pluto wasn't going to let that happen, and in 1973-74-75, Pluto went back and forth over that natal Uranus position. Something unpleasant quite possibly could have happened during those early years, which set a pattern in motion. While not conjunct by normal standards, the two are only 10 degrees apart, so it's as if when Pluto went over Uranus when she was little, is now being stressed and tested, and played out again on an adult stage.

Mars rules guns, and young men, and sports, and surgery and is the god of war, so Mars is aggressive, assertive energy that is detonated when Uranus gets an itchy trigger finger. (I know someone born in January of 1967, with nothing in between Uranus and Mars, and every two years, when Mars goes thru Leo, it ticks off a detonation point where he has to watch out for his temper. As with all aspects, it can be expressed by the individual, or be received from others by the individual).

When Pluto moved over Uranus in her early years, it, of course, squared her Mars at the same time, and now we've moved to today, where Pluto is opposing her Mars and squaring that Uranus point in Libra.....while Uranus is opposing Pluto, squaring Mars and inconjuncting political Jupiter. One can only wonder what might have happened when she was a 2-3 year old girl.

Born in the Year of the Dog, her Leo moon is warm and sunny, and her Gem sun can be talkative and interactive, but the woman Dog is usually reticent and may be inhibited in some ways, and a young man like Loughner, coming up to her at a previous political gathering, could have perceived her reticence as being stand offish and aloof. (I have Rooster/Dog rising, and I participated in dating sites for awhile, and I spoke with this one man, and I thought we had a good conversation, and afterwards he said I was quiet and remote and not forthcoming.....I thought I was really getting out of my shell and being very positive and sunny - if not extroverted - and interacting well for me! ) So, the inhibitedness of the Dog, and it's wariness of strangers until they've proven they are trustworthy, can be perceived on the other end as having their guard up.....which they probably do. But that doesn't mean they aren't open, warm and a loving Dog when they feel trust. The fact she didn't marry until her late 30's is another indication of the Dog energy.

Receiving a head injury where the bullet went completely through the brain, we might speculate that she was born between 11am and 1pm, when the Heart meridian energy is strongest in the Chinese chart overlay. The Heart meridian rules the brain as well as the heart itself, and, if so, her rising sign would be Virgo. If she was born close to 1 pm, then her Gemini sun sign would be in the 9th house, where politics and law resides, making it a natural inclination to go in that direction for a career. Unfortunately, it would put Uranus in the first house of self, and, in the Chinese overlay, the victim section of her chart.

Tucson is at 110 longitude. There is a branch of astrology which takes the longitudes as equating to the 360 degrees of the astrology wheel, with 0 degrees longitude being 0 of Aries and moving around the world. 110 then, is equivalent to 20 of Cancer. So I wondered how that would line up with her chart. Actually, her Venus is right there, so that would indicate she was loved and liked there, and as a Democrat, was elected in a very conservative area. Yet Jupiter squares Venus is her chart, which, if this tracks well, makes politics a problem for her there. Duh.

As stated above, the Uranus/Pluto square is the base aspect operating in our lives right now, and in Gabby's chart, Pluto is squaring Uranus in Libra and opposing Mars in Cancer from Capricorn, while Uranus is opposing Pluto and squaring Mars.....and inconjuncting Jupiter to boot. Heavy duty stuff, reliving a pattern from the past.

Last year, we had Saturn - conservatism, rules and regulations, judge and jury - opposing Uranus - liberal, make your own rules, do your own thing - showing the dichotomy of the two political parties, with Pluto moving in to stress them from Virgo. That set up the political climate, and when Saturn moved on, it made way for Uranus to start flexing its muscle. Saturn is the judge and Uranus is the hippie, and sometimes the hippie has to fly under the radar.


Jared Lee LoughnerI feel like I want to honor Christina Green second, but probably should do Loughner's chart second, since trying to figure this whole thing out centers around him.

Jared Lee Loughner, the alleged shooter, I presume he should be called, was born on September 10, 1988, and I'm using Tucson, Az for the city.

He has a Virgo sun of course, and a Virgo moon. That usually indicates that at his birth, his parents were in love and united at the start of his life.

In 1988, Pluto was at 10 of Scorpio and Neptune at 7 of Cap, creating the Master Yod, that point near Jupiter at 5 of Gemini on the other side as the YOD point. ....Jupiter representing politics...which for most people, probably means a career in politics, certainly an interest in it.

For all those born around that time, Saturn and Uranus are in Sag; in this instance, a bit off the trigger point to direct the energy down to Jupiter, but certainly, 4 major planets all in alignment without any softer energy in between. Saturn and Uranus square his sun and Mars inconjuncts it...Pluto sextiles his sun on one side of the Master Yod.with Saturn/Uranus moving in to inconjunct it on the other side with Neptune. The inconjunct is like Chiron; a wounding, that seeks to express itself at the apex of the Yod...which in this case, is Jupiter/politics.

Saturn is a paternal type energy that would be a downer in the square; sometimes a male person in his life who probably rode him hard and was not unconditional. Uranus can cause stress. Uranus is the anti establishment energy who wants to march to his own drummer. The two of them together in the positive, can take the genius ideas of Uranus and bring them into practical application. But, conditional Saturn can 'sit' on Uranus until it explodes.

It's been written that many times the outer planets stressing one's sun cause them to act out in less than desirable ways. But, hundreds, and maybe thousands, of people were born around that time, and they aren't doing similar things, so it would depend on the proximity and the rising degree etc., to indicate when it's ticked off and when it isn't. I have Saturn and Uranus square my sun and I haven't done anything outside the law in my life. Saturn squaring the sun, tho, does usually indicate stress with father....or father not supporting the person in their life's work when it isn't in business and traditional.

Transiting Saturn in the sky right now, is still in the first solar house, so went over his Virgo sun and moon in the last 3 years. Saturn going through the 1st and 2nd houses is an austere time, when one feels oppressed by authority and things don't go one's way as they might ordinarily...first in one's personal life and then, money. At the time of the eclipse, when it was at the midpoint of Pluto and Mars, the eclipse itself was squared by Saturn.....setting off a pin ball machine effect.

Transiting Pluto is in the midst of the Saturn/Uranus/Neptune energy now, in the solar 4th house; the foundation of his chart, which would say home life hasn't been fun and games.

Loughner was born in the Year of the Dragon and the month of the Snake. The Dragon loves the limelight and loves the attention. We usually look at it as the class clown or the kids who love to act or be on stage in some fashion. I guess, in the negative, it could be someone who seeks out attention any way they can get it. The Snake is a perfectionist who has to be right. They seek approval or eschew it, pretending they don't need it when they really do. The Dragon represents the stomach meridian in the Chinese 5 element system, and the Snake is the Spleen. Both are the earth element, and the color is yellow. These two are all about need and want. The Dragon wants and the Snake needs. Both have positive and negative attributes One can want a Ferrari but need a car, while conversely, one wants a relationship but shouldn't go in to it needing one.

In this solar chart (without birth time) Saturn, Uranus in Sag and Neptune in Cap are in the victim section of the chart, and transitting Pluto has been moving through it for quite some time. Pluto in the victim area can be expressed as the person being the victim or the predator.

After Pluto has been through the victim section of the chart, it moves into the control section. One vows that they are never going to be victimized again and goes into control mode to make sure it never happens again. They create a world they can exist within and will brook no nonsense about any reality that does not emanate from it. It's the Monkey energy in the Chinese system, and there are the 3 Monkeys of "Hear No Evil - Speak No Evil - See No Evil" fame...."Evil" being any philosophy which doesn't agree with their own. ...In this case, the eclipse was in his control section. With 3 of the major outlying planets in the victim section of his chart, it becomes the focal part of his chart, with all the aspects to these planets, coming home to roost in this section. ....unfortunately.

Regardless of the cards we were dealt with our birthchart, we can take these experiences to the positive or the negative. It's been said that Mother Theresa's chart could be one of a prostitute, and the chart of a prison guard could also be one who's incarcerated. We do have free will, and ultimately it isn't what happens, it's our reaction to it....


Christina GreenChristina Green, 9 years old, born on September 11, 2001, one of the most infamous dates in history, was soooo excited to meet her congresswoman, Gabielle Giffords on January 8th. How many people were born on that day whose life didn't come to an end as Christina? It's been reported that a book was written about 50 children born that day, one in each state......so we have to factor in where we are living as well as our chart. If we knew her time of birth, we would have more insights.

I'm sure her parents are wondering "Why Christina?" Why our daughter? Why our child, of all those born on that date? My son died of melanoma 8 years ago, and when I see or hear about people born in 1972, in early August, I sometimes wonder "why Dave?" So I'm sure they will always wonder "Why Christina?" of all the people born on that day with that planetary configuration. It does show though, that we can have stressful planetary configurations and still have the ability to walk around the pitfalls of life.

Christina was a Virgo, with a Gemini moon. Certainly she was a child filled with wonder and curiosity as both signs are ruled by the mental Mercury. Christina was born in the Year of the Snake and the month of the Snake. The Snake is akin to Virgo. I'm sure she was a perfectionist who desired to do everything right. She might have had Aquarius rising as she wanted to be the first woman to play on the major league level in baseball....her grandfather being Dallas Green, who managed the Phillies, I believe, and her father is a scout for the Dodgers.

Christina was born with Chiron and Mars in the victim part of her chart, and Pluto had been moving through it since shortly after birth. Again, Chiron represents a wounding, and while not being a true conjunction (being close together by degree) there is no other heavenly body between them.

Saturn (conditional authority, judgement, criticism) squared her Mars (divine discontent, youthful drive and determination, sports, as well as guns, knives and surgery) last year, and Pluto (power and manipulation) conjuncted it, back and forth. Couldn't have been an easy time for her, or any of the Sept 11th babies....again Mars and Pluto can be symbolized as "youthful thug"...and then on the eclipse, Saturn was near her sun sign, potentially raining on her parade, and squaring the eclipse, which was in the victim section. Loughner, born on Sept 10, and Christina on Sept 11th....one was the "alleged" predator and one was the victim.

copyright 2011, Pamela Leigh Powers, all rights reserved.