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Since 1966, Joe has dedicated his lifepath and purpose to his spiritual quest... an ever constant and unrelenting search for the truths of life and of God. In an energetic effort to share the keys of Numerology's vital self-transforming power, he has (since 1974) traveled extensively, lecturing, conducting seminars and teaching in local colleges and various California adult education programs. His greatest joy has been the opportunity to appear as a guest on various local radio "call-in" shows... it offered him a chance to answer caller questions by providing them a quick analysis of their personal character and life destiny. He has appeared on local TV and public access programming. His two newspaper columns on Numerology and The Hermetic Wisdom are well known and have been enjoyed by Bay Area readers for years.

During the past (25) years, Joe has divided his professional life between Numerology and the world of Corporate Credit Management. He has discovered that living in both worlds requires an exceedingly delicate balance. As a Credit Manager for Crown Zellerbach and McGraw-Hill Book Co., he learned to apply metaphysical principle to the matter-of-fact realities of bottom-line management. His numerological talents are also privately sought by the business community as an analytical adjunct to their own standard personality profiling procedures.

Joe is currently teaching classes and offering individual counseling at various Bay Area Bookstores and teaching centers. All-day seminars are also being offered through the sponsorship of the (ARE) Association For Research and Enlightenment. This is the organization founded by Edgar Cayce headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA.. Joe maintains an independent counseling practice in Napa, CA. and is just completing his first book.. This guide to self-discovery will show how one may identify and understand the various qualities of consciousness that comprise and motivate the psyche. Each letter of your full name is a separate trait of personality... if one has more of the energetically aggressive, self-assertive letters in their birth name (as opposed to those that are shy and withdrawn) they are then seen and felt as strong and decisive individuals. The book will be a very useful guide in knowing self and understanding the sometimes curious motivations and actions of others.

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