By Joe Ivory

Joe Ivory

Color in life is beautiful, inspiring and emotionally uplifting... whether viewing the peaceful and healing green expanse of a hillside vineyard or entering a bright & brilliantly stimulating room with walls of electric yellow, one can feel just how calming and dynamically energizing color effects can be to our soul.

When the Creator conceived and fashioned our amazing earthly home, it was through the instrumentality, power and majesty of the Creator's "thought" that all that currently is, or ever will be, came into material/physical being.

Our Creator's paintbrush was bathed in its own energy pulsations and creative thought. The Creator's cosmic mind-transmissions were divided into (7) wavelengths of sub-atomic particles known as "The Seven Rays". Each of the rays became one of the (7) colors of the rainbow. As these invisible rays permeated the earthly realm, all that is beautiful and good took physical form and began radiating the actual nature of the Creator. These colors or rays are known in Metaphysics as the Sevenfold Division of the Creator's Divine Will.

These (7) cosmic energies exist and are at work (non-stop) energizing and sustaining our bodies and minds on a daily basis. Their wavelength frequencies (which will flow through all of life until the end of time) actualize and energize (in and through) our names and (7) bodily energy centers (called Chakras).

By assigning the specific Ray Color (per the color charts below) to each of the letters of your name, you can see which colors and their reactive qualities are more prominent or absent from the energy of your being. If you have a goodly number of a certain color, then that psychic or personality trait is super-active in your nature. The same applies to having very few of a certain color... that trait or attribute would be less prominent in your personality or physical nature.

The same principle of color association applies to your (7) bodily energy induction centers called Chakras. Each center or Chakra uses just one of the (7) colors to perform its healing task. These centers are located in your electromagnetic aura along the spine (bottom to top) and are the receptors of the (7) Ray energies that energize and sustain your physical being. The energies are passed from your electromagnetic aura into the physical body via these Chakra centers.

Each Chakra absorbs its own special color energy (from the 7 ray wavelengths) to transmit to the organs specifically associated with its life sustenance assignment.

The colors associated with each Chakra are as follows:

  • Chakra in the base of your spine... the color RED
  • (the letters assigned are C J Q X)
  • Chakra over the spleen... the color ORANGE
  • (the letters assigned are D K R Y)

  • Chakra over navel/stomach... the color YELLOW
  • (the letters assigned are E L S Z)

  • Chakra over the heart... the color GREEN
  • (the letters assigned are F M T)

  • Chakra at the front of the throat... the color LIGHT BLUE
  • (the letters assigned are G N U )

  • Chakra at the space between the eyebrows... the color INDIGO
  • (the letters assigned are A H O V)

  • Chakra on the crown or top of the head... the color VIOLET/LAVENDER
  • (the letters assigned are B I P W )

Each letter of the alphabet vibrates to a specific color.Each of the (26) letters emanate a particular color thatcan be seen and, believe it or not,even heardby certain psychic and clairvoyantindividuals.

For example... the letter (C) vibrates the color red which is a low vibrational healing energy typified by the common infrared light appliance whichwe all know. It relates to the physical level of our existence.

The highest level letter vibration for example... the letter (W)emanates the color Violet/Lavender. It relates to the visionary,creative, spiritual and idealist realms of thought and inspiration.

All of the full color/letter explanations are outlined in the (7) color charts below:

Assign the (7) colors to your full name at birth and or the name used now to see the magic of color at work within your personality and physical being.

name grid

name grid

Add up the number of alphabet letters for each color:

Red______ Orange______ Yellow______ Green______ Lt Blue______ Indigo______ Violet______

Now, go to the page (s) for each color of your name and see which ones are your strengths and which ones you lack (if any).

Red   Orange   Yellow   Green   Light Blue   Indigo   Violet

Copyright 2010, Joe Ivory, all rights reserved