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2016 - Year of the Virgin

Here we are with the 4th "Planetary Rhythms Annual" Kindle ebook. I have written a yearly forecast since 1995 for my website, and this is the fourth year that it will be out on Kindle. I have had a very heart warming response to it, and I look forward to reaching out to you again, and you responding in kind. Please direct your friends to the Amazon ebook Kindle page, too.

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The 90 degree, "square" position between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn is complete now, as far as they were 'stalking' each other, back and forth for 3 years.....Uranus planted seeds of new growth in new directions, and we're seeing them played out as Uranus gains speed and moves away from the stress point. Hopefully, Uranus laid enough ground work for us to see a new world of balance and harmony.

The focus this year is the sign of Virgo, "The Virgin". We had a solar eclipse in Virgo in September of 2015 and will do so again in September of 2016. Jupiter has gone into Virgo for the year, and 2016 will be the Year of The Hermit - a #9 in numerology. The Hermit in the Tarot refers to Virgo energy. It is a time of completion in the Tarot deck.....cleaning up past issues so you can be ready to go forth into the spotlight when 2017 arrives - the Year of the Wheel of Fortune. Virgo is the Perfectionist. Virgos hate to be wrong, because they've put so much into perfecting their quest. They tend to stay behind the scenes, supporting other people. This year tho, is their time to shine. You'll find out in the book that there are a number of presidential candidates who are Virgo or who have Virgo rising. While they prefer to work and support others, they usually have some Leo in their charts, and now is the time for them to be in the spotlight....one of them by the presidential election anyway. ... PLP

2016 - A 9 in the Tarot

2016 is a 9 year in numerology, and you'll read much more about it in Joe Ivory's chapter in the book. In the Tarot, the card is "The Hermit". 2016 is a year to hunker down and see what needs to be cleaned up and handled. Time to clear up the clutter... in your life and in your head as well as your domicile or business. It's not a time to start something...that's for 2017 when we get in to the "Wheel of Fortune" year ... right now, put your eyes on the future and get all your ducks in order. Learn what you need to learn. Get all in alignment so you can burst forth in 2017 in complete accord.

Chinese Astrology - Year of the Monkey

2016 is The Year of the Monkey, commencing on February 8th. If you were born in 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, and 2004, then you were born in the Year of the Monkey. This is a year to work on having trust and faith and letting go and allowing the Universe to work successfully in your life. The tendency is to tighten up and take control and maybe even lie, cheat, and steal to get your way. Forgo the temptation. The more you can take a breath, and believe that events work for good the better off you'll be. It's time we all learn to go with "May the Best Wo/Man win" and allow the Universe to decide who that is, not mortal men. ...wo/men!

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrogrades 4 times this year; once in awhile a 4th one sneaks in like this when there is an early one in January. A retrograde is always a good time to not buy electronics .... to confirm and verify appointments .... and expect cancellations or people not to show up on time ... or forget entirely.

First retrograde on
January 5th at 1Aquarius, to
January 25th at 14Aquarius

Second retrograde on
April 28th at 23Taurus, to
May 22nd
at 14Taurus

Third retrograde on
August 30th at 29Virgo, to
September 22nd at 14Virgo

Fourth retrograde on
December 19th at 15Capricorn, to
January 8th, 2017 at 28Sag

Mercury retrograde (any retrograde) can be likened to two trains on parallel tracks going at the same speed. When one starts to move faster, the other one 'seems' to be going backwards.

Outer Planet Ingresses

Pluto starts the year at 15 degrees of Capricorn.

Neptune starts the year at 7 degrees of Pisces.

Uranus starts the year at 16 degrees of Aries.

Saturn starts the year at 11 degrees of Sag.

Jupiter starts the year at 23 degrees of Virgo. On September 9th, it enters Libra.

March solar eclipse


(Disregard the house placements - they'll change due to location)

Our first solar eclipse on March 8th finds a stellium in Pisces. A stellium is 3 or more planets in a sign and here we have the solar eclipse at 18 degrees of Pisces, flanked by Mercury/Neptune on one side, and Chiron on the other. Chiron may not technically be a planet, but there are four planets and Chiron....plus the asteroid Juno...lending a solidarity and strength to the Pisces solar eclipse. Events may lead us to a greater spiritual ascension during this time ....or we could get the wool pulled over our eyes - be aware.

Neptune is the planet in focus....or out of focus, as the case may be. Everything about Neptune is gauzy and mystifing; we don't see clearly during this time. Whenever an outer planet is conjuncted by planets, it enhances it, for good or ill. Here we have Venus in Aquarius at 25 degrees, almost in Pisces, lending a bit of rationality, while Mercury is almost meeting Neptune, and the sun and moon passed over it to form the eclipse. This heightens Neptune and increases its influence for whatever is going on in the sky at the time. The only other energy it aspects is Mars in Sagittarius, which has just entered the sign.

Neptune is illusion, delusion, fantasy and unreality. It is dreams, and creative visualization, and poetry....along with music and dance and movies. In its detriment it's sabotage, mirage, pulling the wool over one's eyes...snake oil salesman.

During this solar eclipse, we may be deluged with fanciful movies, and new software....Neptune rules software, too. Mercury and Neptune, so close together, says someone can flim flam us as individuals or as a whole. We need to watch out for another real estate scam. Neptune aspecting Mars blunts our ambition and makes us lazy. It's a time to get off the grind and go smell the roses for awhile, and get in touch with our artistic, creative natures. Right brain, creative thinking will produce dividends ...... still need to engage the logical left brain, tho, to put all the pieces in the correct order. During this time, those of us who don't like confrontation will see the eclipse push us to stand up for ourselves.

Where will it happen in your chart?

solar eclipse


In March we have a Piscean solar eclipse, looking into the spiritual and surreal at times. In September, the second eclipse is in practical, grounded Virgo. Now we can take those fantasies and make them practical reality.

The second eclipse is at 5:02 am, EDT in Washington, DC. It's a strong earth sign eclipse, with fire. Where the first eclipse was filled with subjectivity and emotion, we only have Neptune in Pisces here. We're more grounded with an eagle eye.

The eclipse creates a T square between opposing Neptune in Pisces, and squaring Saturn/Mars in Sag. The big Uranus square Pluto transit that spanned approximately 3 years, is now moving on, and the major transit of 2016 is Saturn square Neptune (see that chapter). This is the last lash of the dragon's tail as they meet on the 15th. The outlet for this T square, where two planets oppose each other and another 2 square both of them at the midpoint, is to find the open space which in this case is Gemini. A Gemini friend, or a communication or trip of sorts can provide the answer.

Mars has joined Saturn in Sag which can tick off some energy to enliven and engage the energy. Sag is politics, remember, so we could see some sort of political sabotage revealed. Like that is ever a surprise!

Where will it be in your chart?


Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are called the 'major' planets because they move slowly. They are the 'directors' of our play of life, and dictate the set and the scenery and outline the major direction of the play.....they would be the ones who write the 'bible' for soap operas - the long range direction of the stories. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars, on the other hand, are the "personal" planets: they are the actors who trigger the events, and can also be looked at as the 'daily writers' of our individual soap opera who write the daily events. So, in astrology, we look to the outlying planets and see what they are doing to get a sense where the action is going to take place.

Pluto Not a planet??? Puhleeeze! It has been decided by the astronomy community that Pluto is a dwarf planet...no, no, no....can't be a planet anymore. Hmmmmm, of all the planets I wouldn't mess with, it's Pluto. It has been discovered and designated a planet, and I wouldn't want to be the one to tell it to it's face!! It is generally conceded that before a planet is discovered, it's effects are subliminal; it's there, but isn't recognized as such. When it is discovered, it comes into light, into consciousness, and then we witness it in full bloom. Pluto was discovered in 1930, in Cancer, and then it moved thru Leo for 18 loooooong years, '39-57 (where the atom bomb was first exploded, the holocaust, etc., and we became the "I" generation), and then has been pretty generally a 12 year orbit in each sign since. Pluto is the planet who brings us our deepest transformations, puts us thru the fire, sees how much we can take. It creates diamonds out of our little clumps of coal, but in the process we are never the same.....and some astronomer is going to say it's no longer a planet? It would be nice by saying that, that the energy 'dwarfed' in size; that it no longer affected us so strongly and deeply, but I would think Pluto would just laugh at the thought, and shows us how much a planet "She" (because it is feminine energy) is. She's like Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada" - not anyone to mess with!!

(One way planets are tested for their validity is if they affect a void-of-course moon. A moon is void-of-course, when it aspects the last planet in line, and then has no other aspects til it enters the next sign. It was decided Chiron wasn't a planet for just this reason; Pluto certainly does. In fact, with Pluto at late degrees of Sag, and no other slow moving planet close, in 2006-2007, Pluto is the last planet the moon contacts nearly every month unless a fast moving planet slips in there periodically)


Pluto in Capricorn - January 27, 2008 - retro'd into Sag on June 15, 2008 - then went forward and re entered Cap on Novemer 28, 2008 - in Capricorn til March, 2023.

After 12 years, Pluto changed signs in 2008. It moved into Capricorn on January 25, 2008 at 6:37 pm PST; its ever challenging energy forcing us to grow; challenging us to stand up to it....reaping rewards of empowerment when we do and succeed. Pluto takes 15 years to go thru Capricorn. It's starting to slow down again. It took 18+ years for it to go thru Leo in the 40s and 50s, and then it sped up and went 12 years thru Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sag...now it's going to slow down again in it's orbit. Actually, the planets have orbits that are not completely circular, so that they appear to be slowing down and speeding up; it's just the phase of the orbit they are in which creates the effect.

Pluto and Saturn are the taskmasters of the zodiac. They don't let us get away with anything. Saturn manifests the emotional blocks which keep us from moving forward, which Pluto triggered in the past, which we sent underground, challenging us to grow, throwing us into the fires of transformation. When Pluto exits a sign, we are never the person who entered it....thru tempering and testing and transformation, we've grown, we're stronger, and we look at life from a far different perspective. The naive person who entered, emerges as a more empowered being....at least that's the potential.

This period will be best for the earth signs. Pluto conjuncts planets in Capricorn, which will test but eventually bring empowerment for Caps....trine Taurus and Virgo, so all that they have endured so far will reap some rewards. Air signs find Pluto in their money houses, which can see a drop initially, but then a straight building up afterwards. Water signs are involved in communication and relationships, while Fire signs deal with family and mate. It's the cardinal grand cross, of Aries, Cancer and Libra - with Capricorn - who are going to have transformative changes in their lives. (Remember: if you are born at 20 degrees or later of any given sign, or rising, synthesize it with the house positions of the next sign, i.e., if you're a Libra, for instance, you'll still have some time with the house positions, but you're closer to Scorpio's house positions, so include them in your deliberations.)


NEPTUNE - in Aquarius - 1998-2012 | in Pisces - 2012 - 2025

Neptune was in Aquarius - Uranus' sign - for approximately 15 years. Uranus was in Neptune's sign of Pisces for 8 years. Together, it was a bumpy ride, because Neptune is a water planet in an air sign, and Uranus is an air planet in a water sign. Air and water don't mix, and so they've felt disoriented in each other's signs. However, Uranus/Aquarius is the collective conscious, and Neptune/Pisces is the collective unconscious, so we've had a 'roto rooter' effect, eliminating the old, making way for the new. There have been upsets and jobs lost, as you've been encouraged to get out of the rat race and pursue more personal goals. The nebulousness of Neptune, has found carving a niche for yourself rather difficult. In 2011 it peeks at its home sign, Pisces for a couple of months from April to June. Ahhhhh! Home! water....getting out of the wind of Aquarius....maybe taking a dip in the ocean and feeling secure again. But will Neptune in its own sign be too watery?....to illusionary?......too misty?....keeping us from having a clear head for the future?

In 2012, on February 4th to be exact, Neptune moved into Pisces for the duration of it's visit. Ooooooooh, it's so good to get out of the electricness of Uranus and get back in the water! But it could get too maudlin. It could get too sensitive, too personal, taking afront at imagined slights. We need to get a 'tough skin' in the area where Pisces is, put some practicality to the illusory oooze and not let it get away from us. There can be a tendency to use drugs more frequently, and also be hoodwinked by advertising. It's a time where a 'big con' could be perpetrated on the country or the world, much like our mortgage issue, so everyone be aware. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Check it out with someone not in your age group, because you'll all be under the same influence. Neptune tends to dissolve where ever it is, so you can feel it's the realest thing ever, and find there's a puppeteer pulling the strings. Resist the temptation to over indulge.

Neptune was last in Pisces starting in 1848, two years after it was discovered. It was in Aquarius in 1846, which is typical and appropriate, as Aquarius energy exposes and reveals and then it went directly into Pisces. Back then it was a time of revolution and change.


Uranus in Aries chart Uranus in Aries from 2010-2018

In 2010, Uranus entered Aries for a brief stint on May 27, 2010, to be exact - then went Rx on July 5th, and Rx back into Pisces on August 13th. It went direct on December 5th in Pisces, and then moved into Aries for the balance of its 8 year stay on March 11, 2011.

Aries likes to be first, and Uranus is the genius inventor of the zodiac, so we can see many Arians moving us into a far reaching computerized future. The last time this happened was 1927-1935, when Neptune dumped us into a depression, so Uranus didn't help. This is bound to be a unique time in history, no matter how you look at it....think of Mars and Uranus together....short tempers, angry exchanges, anger welling up inside til it explodes. On the positive side, it will be a time of opening the world up to new innovations and inventions, as Aries gets kicked in the pants by Uranus, and if Aries energy has been backed up, this will cause it to move forward dynamically again. Certainly, as we've recently seen people packing guns at political events, the push for gun toting freedoms will clash with the eclectic energy of Uranus. Uranus is in the first house in the United States' chart and it certainly is all about "bombs bursting in air" and fighting for individuality and freedoms, yet there is a higher octave of Uranus that is purely cerebral and doesn't like guns....the two extremes will volly for position. Fortunately, as Uranus went into Aries, it met up with Jupiter a scant week or so later in 2010, so we had the two in Aries for part of the year, adding luck and expansion to the ornery two energies, getting them off to a good start anyway. As a friend of mine, the late actress June Ellis (herself an Aquarian) once said, "How can you predict Uranus, when it is unpredictable?" When Uranus enters a new house (new arena of life, more specifically) it throws on the lights, and exposes all that is in that 'room' to be be cleaned out, pulling the rug out from under as it goes, forcing you to move forward in new directions...

Uranus is squaring Pluto 7 times from 2012-2015. This is the first major aspect since they conjoined in 1966. That was a time of confrontation, 'don't trust anyone over 30', recreational sex and awakening to new paradigms of healing. This is the first test since then, and already we're seeing the fomentation of rebellion and change.


Saturn entered Sagittarius on December 23, 2014. It retrogrades back into Scorpio on June 14, 2015; where it remains until it goes direct on August 2, 2015 at 28Scorpio. It returns to Sagittarius for the balance of the trek through the sign on September 17, 2015.

Saturn then goes retrograde on March 25, 2016 at 16Sag, and goes direct on August 13, 2016 at 9Sag. It retrogrades once again at 27Sag on April 6 2017; goes direct on August 25th at 21Sag, and then enters Capricorn on Dec. 19 2017....where it sets up a meeting with Pluto on Jan. 12, 2020, but they will only clash once.

It takes just under 30 years for Saturn to go through all the signs and since the fall of 2012, Saturn has returned to Sagittarius where it hasn't been since 1985-1988. If you were born around the late 80's, Saturn is in Sag and you're seeing your first "Saturn Return" as it's called .... that time in your life when you take stock of where you are and make concrete moves to create in your life what you thought you'd have by now, and haven't. It's often time for women to have a baby if they have put that off for career, and men want to push up that corporate ladder. One thing is for sure. You're going to find something lacking and have the zeal and desire to make it manifest.

If you're around 60, you're seeing your second Saturn return. Life is not all out in front of you anymore, and you want to manifest a few things before you take off to other realms.

If you are over 30, what were you doing from 1985-88? Some of those issues will be coming up for review. You're 30 years older though now, you've been through the pattern at least once, so you're on familiar ground. You'll find you'll handle it a lot better this time, as Saturn starts its second trek through the signs; feeling that you've traversed these waters before. There's something that says you know what you need to do to be on top of it all.

Saturn tends to manifest for good or sorrow, and when we are traumatized it festers and if we don't confront it and heal it it builds up, and 30 years later, give or take, we can see the bodily response to it. Jacqueline Kennedy (July 28 1929 - May 19, 1994) died in 1994 just over 30 years from the assassination of her husband, President John F. Kennedy. Saturn tends to manifest our woundings, so if you are suffering from something, look back to see what was going on 30 years before for Saturn ... and also 50 years before for what Chiron was doing at the time give or take in those years surrounding it.

The last time Saturn was in Sagittarius there were no major aspects to the slower, outlying planets. This time it's going to sesquiquadrate Uranus first in May of 2015 and then trine it later in 2017. Saturn will square Neptune 3 times in 2015 & 2016 setting up a period where we're going to have to work really hard at owning up to our fantasies and seeing reality square in the eye and not get depressed.

Aries and Leo will benefit most from this transit, because they are in trine to Sag (5 signs apart) and are the other fire signs. Saturn will trine their Sun at some point, garnering favor from higher ups. Pisces and Virgos will be the ones tested, as Saturn squares those signs and will square their Sun sign at some point ... and then Gemini is in opposition. Saturn will oppose the Sun sign along the way and you will decide whether you want to remain married or not. Time to play by the rules and not try to play by your own ... rules, that is. When Saturn checks in to a new house, he wants 'this mess' cleaned up pronto ... he wants to see everything to his liking; everything by the book. Then, if he should find a neat, everything-in-its-place 'room', he'll dispense just rewards.

Libra and Aquarius will be in sextile, providing an opportunity if you play your cards right. Each creates a YOD. The 'answer' for Libra for this sextile is where Pisces is in your chart ... Aquarius' yod point is where Cancer is ... where do you need to tap into your emotions, Libby and not be so analytical? ... and what do you need to learn, Aquarius about putting family above friends???

Scorpio and Capricorn quincunx Sagittarius (one sign apart), and Taurus and Cancer inconjunct ... here are where 'adjustments' need to be made for them; moving you in new directions. They aren't as big aspects as the others.


Jupiter entered Leo on July 16, 2014. It will go into Virgo on August 11, 2015.

You've experienced Jupiter in Leo for about 6 months now, since it entered mid-2014. You've felt and seen some of its benefits, when the planet or luck and largesse is in the ego-driven sign of Leo which loves to be in the spotlight and loved for who they are and what they do. So for Jupiter to be in Leo, there's a lot of love to go around.

Jupiter in Leo can be likened to the God Zeus. Leo is generous and opulent and likes the finer things in life, and Jupiter would just love to give it to him. We tend to think LARGE during this period, and may go on spending sprees so beware. Things seem to break through for us and after tightening our belts for so long we want to get as much as we can. Enjoy it, sure, but tuck a bunch away for a rainy day. Do you remember when interest rates were over 10 percent around the early 80's and we thought once it was established, they could never go back? In recent years we thought 3-5% was bad, but now we'd take it in a heart beat. What goes up does not necessarily have to come down with a plop if we hedge our bets and tuck some money away in a practical place.

Then, in mid-July of this year, Jupiter enters Virgo. and stays until September 9, 2016, when it will move into Libra. Luck comes from being 'all things to all people' as Virgo generally is. Virgos do a lot of things behind the scenes and are normally good bookkeepers, so while the spotlight has moved on, luck can come from the small things in life that you can turn into something big.

When Jupiter goes through a sign, in this case, Leo, at some point the Sun catches up with it and emphasizes the energy. For Leo it was July 24, 2014. Those of you with birthdays on or around that date should have a positive year ahead. Then for Virgo, it will be August 26th and those born around that day start it off with a flush of new energy.

In 2014, as Jupiter moved into Leo, it went through the power point of the Neptune sextile Pluto Master YOD. Politics and foreign interests were stirred up. Then Jupiter trined Uranus, and it will do so twice more in 2015 where luck abounds....and even brings in Pallas for a grand trine. Women will see things improved. Then it squares Saturn tho, (see description below) and we sober up again.

By Pamela Leigh Powers, © 1999-2016 all rights reserved

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